Seahaven Towers and Haniport Levee are no longer being published by their original author. The Guildhall Project documents their continuing evolution within the folklore of the fictional nation realm of Longwood, on the world of Tyr Pell, from which those titles were derived.

Seahaven Towers

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Greetings! Customers of Seahaven Towers, the one published by the Longwood Wizards Guild, are welcome to submit support comments and questions. We'll try to accommodate any requests for support but we don't have any upgrades available, including Alberwyn Commons, that can work with recent versions of macOS. Apple made sure of that. On the other hand, Seahaven Towers for Windows worked up to Windows 10. We haven't received any feedback regarding its status on Windows 11. We don't have a machine that can run Windows 11 so we can't test it ourselves. Microsoft has generally been drastically better at keeping software running, so it wouldn't be a surprise if Seahaven still runs on the newest Windows release.

If you're interested in purchasing the domain please be advised it is not for sale. We use it to maintain contact with former customers and associates. None of our other domains are for sale either.

If you have comments or questions about the website please feel free to post here as well. We likely won't respond directly, but check back later to see if your question is answered on the FAQs pages.

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