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The Guildhall architecture uses a number of mix-in classes to define commonly used protocols. It defines such classes for event responders, document clients, standard menu handlers, and scrolling fields. It also provides two important abstract classes, one for statics and one for screen input (mouse) tracking.

The AStatics class serves as the respository for applet data that doesn't change once configured. This includes static data such as strings but also images and sounds that are cached after loading them. Typically the structure of an applet's menu bar is configured by its AStatics partner. It could have been done elsewhere but it was convenient to get it out of the way early in the process of developing applets.

AStatics subclasses are automatically recorded with the Guildhall runtime the first time they are referenced. They must not allocate memory prior to the finish of static initialization and are released just before static destructors are called. They are available to any document that needs them, and only one copy is present. They are not a mechanism for sharing information between applets. There are other mechanisms to effect that.

Abstract Classes

  • AStatics
  • ATracker

Mix-in Classes

  • MDocumentClient
  • MEventHandler
  • MFileMenuHandler
  • MEditMenuHandler
  • MScroller


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