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Geometry 3D

In a couple of words, not yet. I have some basic classes defined and working, but the key class, TSurface, is not ready. The issue here is figuring out how to use the features of the host system's 3D architecture without using the host system's windowing system. I don't even know if it's possible, but if not, well, there are other ways to get the feature working. That will not be optimal in terms of performance, but as D. Goldsmith of Apple/Taligent always said, architecture first, performance later (as in, good architecture will always get you the biggest performance wins). Well, okay, if I recall correctly that's not quite how Goldsmith said it. It was more like "if you polish a crappy design, you end up with a pile of polished crap." Words to live by.

Constructible Classes

  • TPoint3D
  • TRPoint3D
  • TPoint3DArray
  • TRPoint3DArray
  • TBox
  • TLine3D
  • TPolyline3D

Someday Classes

  • TSurface


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