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This sections might have been called Events but most of the classes herein are related to concurrency so I'll leave it as is. This isn't a large part of the Guildhall architecture in terms of lines of code but it does represent a critical piece. The event queue is implemented here, a carefully synchronized class that can accept modifications from the two required threads, the host UI thread and the thread running the Guildhall event loop. Events are defined here as well, including quite a few static functions that create well known event instances. How these tools are used is best described in the section describing the Dispatch manager.

AThread is called out as a separate class based on vague notions that I might need to run more than one thread on the Guildhall side. That need has not yet arisen, but might arise at some future point where Guildhall has to move off an ever deteriorating macOS host basis.

Abstract Classes

  • AQueue
  • AThread

Constructible Classes

  • TSemaphore
  • TMutex
  • TEvent
  • TEventQueue (subclass of AQueue)


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