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The time section includes classes used to record elapsed time (subclasses of ATime) as well as classes that encapsulate moments in time (TDate and TChron). The ATime class is based on a 64-bit floating point value representing a number of picoseconds. Successively less resolved classes apply multipliers to the base value to make the units work out correctly. Because of the common base (a Pink/Taligent convention) any of the time classes can be added or subtracted and maintain the integrity of the calculation. The static method ATime::Now() returns a TPicoseconds value set to the current system timer, usually as picoseconds since boot.

TDate is used to specify real world dates. TChron is used to specify dates and events in the worlds wherein the Fellsguild stories are set. TDate::Now() returns a value set to the current real world date and time.

Abstract Classes

  • ATime

Constructible Classes

  • TPicoseconds
  • TNanoseconds
  • TMicroseconds
  • TMilliseconds
  • TSeconds
  • TMinutes
  • THours
  • TDays
  • TTimeArray
  • TNamedTimeArray
  • TDate
  • TDateArray
  • TChron
  • TChronArray


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