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Guildhall only offers one style of window at the moment, mostly because I haven't needed anything fancier. Windows generally are not created directly. Subclasses of ADocument provided by nearly every kind of applet create the window automatically from data provided by the applet's associated data type (subclassing from ADataType).

The TWindow class is a subclass of AGraphicsPort, and drawing to the screen is thus a straightforward process once a document has been instantiated. Here's an example from the DrawContents method of a barely started Guildhall applet. TWindow also supports a Draw method that is seldom overridden. The default functionality of Draw calls DrawContents and then calls all window controls to draw themselves.


Constructible Classes

  • TWindow

Coding Notes

  • fdual2min is a global Guildhall function that takes two fdual (double) expressions and returns the minimum of the two values
  • orangeFill could also have been declared as "TBundle orangeFill(TColor(0.9,0.4,0.2));"


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