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The TGhStatics and TGhUI classes are repositories for static methods that return logical information regarding Guildhall's standard appearance. For example, TGhUI contains methods that return colors used in specific instances, for example field background colors, highlight colors, and colors used for inactive controls. It also contains a series of public member variables that specify the size of various UI elements. These were more useful when plans for Guildhall included multiple UI sizes, and pointing at a particular instance of TGhUI would provide a collection of all the values needed to implement the UI for that size. Since Guildhall's user community has reduced to just its author, one UI size is sufficient. At some point these values will go to constants and remainder of the class will merge with TGhStatics.

TGhStatics provides access to strings, for example the names of standard commands used by event handlers. A good example would be the commands to zoom_in, zoom_out, zoom_maximum, zoom_minimum, and zoom_normal. These commands are used by all applets that allow multiple levels of zoom, examples being Paint, Draw, and Atlas. The class also has static methods to locate images and icons commonly used on the desktop.

TCursor is grouped here because it has no purpose other than appearance. It maps onto the host cursor facilities to allow commonly used cursors to be activated as a function of the contents of the desktop, usually within the context of the field over which the cursor is hovering.

Static Classes

  • TGhStatics
  • TGhUI

Constructible Classes

  • TCursor


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