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Guildhall Toolbox API - Tools

Tools in the Guildhall Toolbox API include two important subclasses of AFieldList, TToolPalette and TToolManager. These two classes are generally used together, the first to select a particular tool and the second to display parameterization of that tool and allow for its configuration.

Abstract Classes

  • ATool

Constructible Classes

  • TToolPalette
  • TToolManager

Besides these classes, there are ATool subclasses for every tool used by Paint, Draw, and Atlas. Those tools will be described there, but here's an example from the Paint applet.

In the example above, TToolPalette manages all the tools on the left side of the window. As the user selects a tool, the options for that tool are displayed by TToolManager, shown in the top portion of the window. These positions are fixed, and given my loathing of floating tool palettes, which (like a certain dragon rider) are never where they're supposed to be, they will remain right where they are.


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