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Text Editing Fields

There are two primary field types for text editing, one for plain text and one for styled or "rich" text. The former is currently working better than the latter, though at one time the styled text editor worked pretty well. Performance and feature issues, along with a susceptibility to defects, suggested a rework of the architecture was in order. While a lot of that rework has been completed, other priorities got in the way and the rework is at this time unfinished.

Another set of editors in this group provides for input of constrained information. For example, input might be restricted to just integers, or just positive integers, or spread sheet information such as currency, dates, and times. Many of the text editors will be reworked when Filigree is ready as that applet will make heavy use of these classes.

Constructible Classes

  • TTextEditor
  • TRichEditor
  • TLineEditor
  • various text editor subclasses that manage constrained values, for example numbers


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