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Well, sort of printing. I don't actually print directly from Guildhall, and won't until I've dealt with networking. But what I can do is "print" to a Guildhall pages file, and from there I can export to a host system pdf file. That's usually what I want anyway, but if necessary the pdf file can be actually printed.

The primary class here is APrinter, and it subclasses from AGraphicsPort so it can be used with ordinary drawing calls. It adds in the control features a printer needs. Two important subclasses of APrinter are TPagePrinter and TPageCapture. The first is used to create a pages file from the printable material (a pages file is Guildhall's internal equivalent of a pdf file). The second is used to capture statistics and other information from that same printable material, for example word lists. The latter is mostly useful for the novels I'm writing. A few other classes, useful for the implementation of the applet that displays pages files on the desktop, are included here.

Abstract Classes

  • APrinter

Constructible Classes

  • TPagePrinter
  • TPageCapture
  • TPageSelector (AField subclass)
  • TPageViewer (AField subclass)
  • TPageTracker (ATracker subclass)


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