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Fonts can be a real pain in the back end. Sorry, too cheeky. Actually, I spend as little time with them as I can because I view the technology as powerful and eccentric. You never know when it's going to bite you.

Fonts are defined by a font name, a font size, and a font style, but only the first two of these properties are predictably available, and for that matter even the name can change when you aren't watching it closely. But once you've got one, it can be used to measure strings or can be incorporated into TText objects. Guildhall has a caching mechanism for fonts that I use extensively because at one time they were expensive. But the most common usage for fonts, embedding them in a TText object, actually now handles that caching automatically so I probably need to review that usage pattern.

Constructible Classes

  • TStyle (bold, italic, underlined, etc)
  • TFont


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