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Text is a weird class for a graphics package. Critically important, but sort of like the rich cousin you have to be nice to. It comes down to the fact that a string by itself isn't a geometrical object. But if you add a location and a font, well then you have something you can draw.

The other thing you can do with a TText object is provide all sorts of support for layout. There's no one answer for layout, but alignment, centering, and measuring fall into groupings that a lot of layout objects can take advantage of. The Tome applet uses a lot of these, as do the text editing fields.

Another item included in this section is the TLocalizer class. Constructed with multiple language translations (currently English and Français) the class delivers the correct translation for the user's currently selected language. The user can switch the language at any time using the flag menu, a feature at the end of the menu bar for all applets. Since I'm no longer publishing Guildhall this feature has not been well maintained. It was pretty cool when it was active, and while I've never studied Français, I learned a lot while preparing the translations. I never did get any feedback from native speakers, though. I'm sort of disappointed by that.

Constructible Classes

  • TText
  • TLocalizer
  • TTranslation
  • TRuler


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